Why Honeycomb



  • Our process allows customer the choice of virtually any honeycomb cell size/density needed
  • Yields higher plate shear strength than glued and resistance welded honeycomb
  • We can provide different cell configurations: square, hex, angle and ox cell
  • Weight saving of 25% over non-metallic honeycomb structures
  • Titanium core offers corrosion resistance for various applications
  • Only source for welded aluminum honeycomb core
  • Core thickness available from 1/8” up to 10” thick
  • Crush core with compressive strength up to 8,000 psi
  • Benecor fabricates complex welded honeycomb assemblies
  • Honeycomb panels in Titanium, Stainless, Inconel, and Carbon fiber

Honeycomb Node Weld Micrographs

laser2 laser1

Titanium Honeycomb Laser Welds



Stainless Steel Honeycomb Laser Welds